Monday Manifestation is when a card from our crystal reading cards is pulled, encouraging an intention and focus for the week.

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This week we pulled the card: HIDDENITE

Hiddenite focus: Gratitude


This morning I looked at my gratitude journal. And kept going about my day. I did not open it. Or write it in. Or take the time to reflect, and think about what I was grateful for. In-fact I was quite the opposite. Annoyed even, Harrison had walked around the kitchen in his muddy boots which meant when I was half asleep, bare-foot getting my breakfast I wound up instantly with dried mud all in between my toes. Yuck. No gratitude there. 

Of course, the universe works in its funny ways. I sit down to do the card pull for Monday manifestation and after some deep intuition out comes Hiddenite. The first card I pulled and instantly I recalled the morning and knew that it was the perfect card for this week. Although we don't have any hiddenite in stock for the store, we do have kunzite and they do come from the same family so you will notice that the deals of the week are of kunzite and not hiddenite. But regardless, gratitude. Remember to practice it, preach it, and live by it. You won't be disappointed. I promise. 

Now.. all about Hiddenite. 

A stone that unlocks the gratitude and the pathway towards it. It encourages space for gratitude in your life which leads to a receiving nature from the universe of all the wonderfulness that exists around you. This connection to gratitude enables us to open our hearts and have a deeper sense of gratitude for everything in our life. It encourages us to walk forward remembering that everything happens for a reason and the strength and courage that is gained from seeing the positive side to all things that happen in your world. 

Why Hiddenite?

Hiddenite's energy is one that reminds you to walk through life without judgement. It provides strength in opening the heart, and encourages a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment towards what things actually are. Hiddenite carries a great energy within it that reminds you constantly of the importance of gratitude within your life. Without mastering gratitude you are unable to receive all the greatness that is already existing in your life. If overwhelmed, hiddenite encourages you to let go, release, and come back into your hearts centre, creating space for gratitude and joy in the things surrounding you. It is full of reminders to seek blessings, as they are always there but we sometimes walk with our eyes closed. It connects us to the idea that everything in our life has the opportunity to be beautiful, both things and people, depending on how you choose to view it. It further enhances your appreciation for your one life, and provides the reminder that everything happens for a reason. Challenges are always going to occur in our life, but it is how we view them that will allow us to fall, or to view the hidden gifts and to rise in strength and courage. 


Referenced from The Healing Oracle; Crystal Reading Cards by: Rachelle Charman


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