About Us

The Creation Of Art Arrows

Hey! My name is Leanne and I am the owner of Art Arrows. Art Arrows was created in 2016 as a place for me to share my creativity and passions. It developed quickly from selling anything crafty, to gemstone bracelets and the latest addition is our crystal cave. 
Graduating with a B.Ed, and Geography BA, I have always been interested in our Earth and all that she has to offer, as well as the more physical side of our ecosystems, trees, rocks, water, all the beautiful elements that comprise our Pachamama; Mother Earth. After graduation in 2016, I backpacked in South America and found a deep connection to Pachamama. Visit our travel page to see more pictures and stories of my backpacking adventures! 
I returned home to be with my Grams as she passed from cancer, sharing with her all the stories of my journeys. She always believed in my creativity and constantly told me to never stop creating. When she passed I found a bracelet I had made her as a child and knew this was my journey.
Art Arrows was born. With the belief that everyone has many arrows in their lives they can follow, Art Arrows is the creation of my arrow. I strongly believe that everyone was placed on this Earth to do THEIR thing! At Art Arrows we encourage you to follow your arrow, your path, your journey.

My Crystal Journey

I visited a local crystal shop to try and help with the grief and pain. I purchased a small amethyst tumble I tucked under my watch band for the next few months. I continued to experience an exponential amount of grief and loss, and continued time after time to be drawn to the crystal world. The real game changer was when I discovered that there was such a thing as crystals being made into beads. I had already been experimenting with jewelry, having a best seller Diaversary Bracelet on Etsy, and to have the opportunity to intertwine my crystal, spiritual world with my creative world was exactly what I needed. Slowly I started creating necklaces, bracelets, anklets, car charms, keychains, and so much more! My creative world was on fire, and my spiritual one was not too far behind. 
For the next 3 years I travelled to craft shows and watched my business grow and develop and begin to form a sense of community. With a strengthening spiritual growth my yoga practice transformed, my mindset shifted and I quickly welcomed the use of crystals into my everyday life. 
In 2020 our world changed with the onset of the COVID19 global Pandemic. I was in a full time LTO position and realized that this new way of teaching did not work for me. I decided to take a year off and focus on Art Arrows. As technology increased, and my need for connection grew I began hosting Instagram lives with first my bracelets, then slowly crystals. Realizing that my passion was tied to my values of education, and not the actual role of being a teacher, I transformed my mindset and began integrating education into my business at every possible angle.

Our Crystal Community

Throughout the past few years we have built an incredible online crystal community, that honestly feels like family. With the need to grow my own crystal collection, we began to source ethically mined crystals globally to bring the most unique and affordable crystals we could to our own collection and further to our incredible crystal family. Join us on our Instagram lives @artarrows to become a part of our community.

At Art Arrows it is my passion to educate and further to encourage your learning of crystals and gemstones, exchange ideas, and build connections with you. 

With a growth mindset, a passion to educate and so much love to give, the universe decided it was time to provide me with the opportunity of a lifetime. Since I was a little girl it had been my dream to open a store (I used to play store with my sister selling all the crafts I had made to my parents) and so... April 27th, 2022 we will finally be able to open the doors to our store in Mount Forest, Ontario and I can't wait to meet you!

Our Values

Inclusiveness, Honesty, and Teamwork are some of my most valued morales. I strive to provide a safe community space every day that honours every single person, exactly as they are. 

Art Arrows started as a dream, and now it is very much a reality and we wouldn't be here without all of you!
Thank you for standing beside me, every single step of the way. You are amazing!