Travel Stories

This page is just to share a little bit about me and my adventures. There are many many many more stories, make sure to follow us on Instagram, jump on our instagram lives or visit the store to come hear some stories!

2016: I backpacked for 10 weeks with my childhood friend/neighbour. I met her in Ecuador, Quito and we stayed in Ecuador for 3.5 weeks, Peru for 5 weeks and Bolivia for 10 days before I took the bus for 3 days back to Quito to fly back home. 


2017: I backpacked in Taiwan for 3.5 weeks meeting up with my University friend while she taught there for the year. It took almost a week to adjust to the time zone where I stayed with her, then I took off on my own and she would meet up with me some weekends around the country. 

2017: I worked at a camp in North New York, and on our days off we would go explore the waterfalls and beautiful trails. 

2018: I did a road-trip for a week in Northern New York. Leaving from Kingston and going across the northern states coming back into Canada in Niagara. 

2019: I travelled to Florida for 2 weeks, then backpacked Costa Rica for 2.5 weeks, and backpacked Colombia for 3.5 weeks. 

2020: Managed to make it to Cuba before the world shut down for the COVID19 Global Pandemic. 

2021: Spent one week road-tripping from Oshawa, Ontario to Thunder Bay, Ontario. 

2022: This years adventure is a little different as we navigate opening our very first physical store location!