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Rose Quartz Tower
Rose Quartz Tower

Rose Quartz Tower

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Rose Quartz tower

This listing is for one tower, intuitively selected.

Keep in mind that these are beautiful artworks created by Mother Earth allowing each of them to be different in both colouring and design. Your tower will resemble the ones in the photo but may not be exactly the same.

Towers are divided into sizes by weights.

*Please note; heights are an estimation. As they are priced by weight some may be taller and some may be shorter.

Tower Sizes:

X-Small: 0 - 24g (~ 5 - 6cm)

Small: 25g - 49g (~ 6 - 8cm)

Medium: 50g - 74g (~ 7.5 - 8.5 cm)

Large: 75g - 99g (~ 8cm - 9 cm)

X-Large: 100g - 124g (~ 9cm - 10cm)

XX-Large: 125g - 149g (~9cm - 10cm)

Jumbo: 149g+ (~ 9 - 10cm)