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Agate focus: healthy body.

A stone that encourages you to align your healing body with the healing energies of the universe. It restores, grounds and nurtures your surrounding energy field bringing forward healing energies of Mother Earth. It encourages a reconnection to the energy flow of the planet and assists in journeys connected to the plant and trees of our surroundings.

Why Agate?

The energies of agate are pulled to the forefront to remind us to take care of our physical body through acts of self love as it is our only temple and requires balance. You are reminded to set realistic goals that encourage a deeper healing and transformation. It is full of reminders to be kind to yourself and to nurture your transition without force, or envy. It encourages motivation and to achieve set desired and healthy outcomes. If you have already been putting a lot of work into your healthy body then agate can be used as a reminder that you are on the right track, to be proud of your accomplishments, and to continue striving for your next goals.


Referenced from The Healing Oracle; Crystal Reading Cards by: Rachelle Charman

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