Selenite/Satin Spar.

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Selenite. A stone of light and moon energy. 

Selenite is found in the desert where ancient seas and salt water lakes once were. Over years the water evaporated and created gypsum. Gypsum combined with saline and with the heat of the sun created selenite. Selenite is made of many many layers, that can be broken apart from one another quite easily. It is also a stone that is extremely soluble due to the components that create it - this means; do NOT put your selenite in water!!! *Also try to avoid humidity - anywhere but a bathroom is a great location for your selenite tower* 

Selenite is said to be named after the moon goddess Selene. Selenite has one of the highest vibrational energies that any stone has in our current Earth stage and this is thought to be because of its connection to moon energy. 

There are a few different types of selenite, including desert rose, yes it is a form of selenite! Desert rose is created much the same way as selenite with the same minerals however in a situation with higher winds. The high wind encourages the selenite to form upwards to create ridges within itself causing the formation of the rose. Another stone that is linked to selenite through its common mineral of gypsum is angelite. Angelite is gypsum that has just been cooked a little longer. The sun completely diminishes all liquid within the gypsum and creates angelite.


Selenite is a stone that is full of a beautiful high vibration with connections to the moon. It helps clear away any darkness and brings forth the light. Its energy is constantly moving and flowing creating what I call a high vibration. This allows energy to quickly run through it, bringing light and clarity in minds eye to the situations that surround it. Cleansing with selenite is one of my favourite ways to cleanse! Its high vibrations it makes it a very good stone to cleanse other stones as its high vibrational energy will overpower any of the negative energies within others cleansing them back to their original vibrations and energies. Selenite is a great meditation aid, and works well with the crown chakra allowing you to stand a little taller, with more peace within your mind and soul and shine brighter releasing all that no longer serves you.

Selenite is one of my all time favourite gemstones! I have lots of it placed all over the house along with a huge slab that bracelets get cleansed on before they are shipped out to you in the studio and a giant lamp on my bedside table. The lamp is a great way for me to clear the energy and space before I go to sleep allowing me to bring a sense of focus and calm to my thoughts before I fall asleep allowing me to have a deeper sleep without the worries of the day attached to it. If I choose to meditate with selenite I often will visualize any of the heavier thoughts and feelings I have as sifting through myself and further through the selenite piece I am holding. I visualize the energies flowing out through the selenite and in turn lightening my energy.

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