Ocean Jasper.

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A stone that carries within it energies of both the fire and the ocean among the Earth. With its beautiful orbicular (circular) patterning within it this enchanting stone looks like a piece plucked straight from the rain forest. Ocean Jasper, though dominantly green, may also be found in other vibrant colours such as purple, orange, pink and blue! Due to the variety of patterns and colours each ocean jasper piece is uniquely its own - reminding us that mother nature created such beauty into our Earth once again! Its dominant green colour associates it with the heart chakra, encouraging, nurturing and providing comfort and openness to your heart and inner soul. 

Ocean Jasper is a discovery that was found many years ago, but has shifted and changed in its formations. It is mostly found in Madagascar along its beaches, and holds within it the history of the surrounding ocean and islands. 

Ocean Jasper, formed through a lava state, when cool it flattens to create the circular movements. With its discovery being beside the ocean, this stone has within it the energies of the cool, flow of the water, along with the heat of fire. 

Ocean Jasper, with its circular patterning reminds us to breathe in the new, and release the old, bringing forth a renewal energy and sense of self. It opens your heart when feeling unnerved and guides with support and happiness in the forefront. It also allows the unity of fire and water energies to merge allowing you to encourage the flow that a wave may take, slowing your present moments or the release of an abundance of fiery, positive energy. Get your own unique, beautiful ocean jasper tumble here


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